Tips, Technique, as well as Suggestions for Decoupage

Decoupage is a craft technique of attaching paper designs to a tough surface with adhesive. By checking out a finished task, you would believe this craft technique would be complicated, yet it isn’t. Decoupage started in France in the 17th century as the pauper’s option to painted furnishings. It is actually quite straightforward. If you can cut and also paste, you already understand a lot of the methods involved.
To begin with decoupage, you cut out pictures and also adhesive them onto an item. The next step is to cover the things and pictures with a couple of coats of adhesive or decoupage tool to safeguard it. You possibly have everything you require to make your job lying around your house right now. Collect your materials as well as begin crafting.
Decoupage Medium
Decoupage medium is an all-in-one sealer, glue, as well as coating made use of for creating decoupaged artworks. Use it on wood, fabric and also various other porous surface areas. It dries out clear and holds your glued-on paper cuts tight.

Supplies You Need
As with any craft project you make, you need to always review the directions initially. Make a listing of supplies that you require to purchase, although you may currently have plenty of the supplies currently in your home.
– Decide what object you desire to embellish with decoupage. You can add pictures to practically anything: furnishings, image cds, shelving, frames, boxes, flower holders, mirrors, hardbound books, trays, suitcases, recipes, candles, containers, bottles, egg containers, rocks, and also a lot more.
– Discover a picture resource. The alternatives are countless: eliminate images, themes, or forms from wrapping paper, wallpaper, material, napkins, welcoming cards, postcards, photographs, travel brochures, handbills, programs, garden seed packages, pages from old books, foil-covered paper, paper doilies, bow, posters, dried blossoms, cells paper, and much more. You can likewise get paper and photos made especially for decoupage. You can copy clip art, images, tales, poems, as well as other items printed from your computer system, with special considerations for photos published making use of an inkjet printer.
– Pick what decoupage tool to utilize. You can purchase an item made specifically for decoupaging, such as Mod Podge or Collection Pauge. You need to contend the very least among those in your craft cupboard, but in a pinch, somewhat thinned down white adhesive will certainly do.

The items over are the crucial materials you require, but there are a couple of various other products you may find helpful to utilize in your decoupage trip:
– Bone folder: You can use this to help ravel creases and also remove excess adhesive. You can additionally purchase a device made especially for this, called a brayer.
– Foam brush: Use this to spread out the decoupage tool or adhesive onto the product you will certainly decoupage. If you do not have a foam brush, you can use a normal paintbrush and even a cotton bud.
– Scissors: Utilize to remove the pictures and also various other products you will be decoupaging. To assist with cutting attractive paper with a lot of small details, you could wish to utilize scissors with smalls blades or an energy knife.
– Tweezers: Tweezers are sometimes a great aid when it involves positioning tiny images.
– Damp cloth: Maintain one neighboring to clean up excess adhesive and also to assist with other tidy up. Ensure the rag is damp and not soaking wet when using it to get rid of excess decoupage tool from your glued papers. A damp cloth additionally helps to keep your hands tidy while dealing with adhesive.
Beginning With Your Project
When you’ve collected all of your supplies, you can start on your task by adhering to together with these simple directions.
Make certain the product you’re decoupaging is clean, eliminating any dust or dust. It must likewise be completely dry. If you’re going to repaint your item first, the paint needs to be completely dry prior to you start decoupaging (no tackiness). This instance made use of spray paint with an added-in guide to paint a wood tray. See to it the paint you make use of is appropriate for the object you mean to decoupage.

Remove the pictures you are going to use. It assists to use an X-Acto knife to cut out the paper items that have a fair bit of elaborate detail.

Before you add adhesive, organize the pictures onto the item you are decoupaging till you like the means they look. The pictures can be in any type of placement you like as well as can additionally overlap.

Working in a little section at once, remove the pictures and apply a generous layer of decoupage tool onto the item you are decoupaging. Ensure you entirely cover any type of area the picture will certainly touch. If you choose, you can spread the medium onto the rear of the picture.

Stick the picture on the decoupage medium. Utilize your finger to carefully push down the picture (for a big photo, start from the center and work your escape) and also push out any kind of wrinkles and excess tool. You can likewise utilize a bone folder or brayer to do this.

Continue with the last two actions until every one of your images are glued on.
Let the decoupage tool dry. If you are making use of photos on thicker paper, such as photos or greeting cards, they can take longer to completely dry.
Watch for bubbles as your photos dry. If one forms, make use of a pin or energy blade to pop it and after that use your fingers to smooth it down.

Once the medium is dry, layer your product thoroughly with an additional layer of the decoupage tool. Let this completely dry.

Remain to include coats of the tool up until you get the desired results. You will intend to maintain adding layers up until the edges of the pictures are all smooth.

Let your job dry completely before it prepares to use, display, or be handed out as a gift.

Inkjet-Printed Products
If you use inkjet-printed material on your projects, let the ink dry, then spray it with hairspray. It establishes the ink and afterwards you can use the print. Make certain both are totally dry before using your medium.
– Make copies of pictures and also other original documents to utilize in decoupage so you can save the initial. You can likewise take a picture of them with your phone and afterwards publish it.
– Tear your pictures instead of cutting them. Torn sides lay a little flatter and also blend a little bit better.
– Take an image to bear in mind the placement of your paper pieces. It’s very easy to neglect as soon as you eliminate them and also start decoupaging.
– When decoupaging on plastic, experiment before you dedicate. For rougher surface areas, the pictures ought to adhere however will certainly take a bit longer to dry. If the surface area is extremely smooth, think about roughing it up with a little sandpaper.

This is how innovation is used in applying decoupage (ντεκουπαζ) in crafts (χειροτεχνιες).