New Modern Technology for Minimally-invasive Therapy of Hemorrhoids

To explain initial professional experience with new minimally-invasive gadget for the treatment of symptomatic Quality I and II piles.

History. The symptomatic Grade I and II piles are presently dealt with using elastic band ligation or other methods such as infrared coagulation, RF bipolar energy or straight present. While these approaches are reasonably straightforward, they are often connected with post-procedural problems, pain or pain. There is a need, consequently, for a new technology, which triggers less post-procedural pain and also pain, causes good consistent outcomes and also is straightforward to use. The HET Bipolar gadget is a new gadget for the treatment of symptomatic Quality I as well as II hemorrhoids.

Clients as well as products. Twenty-two people with Grade I and also II hemorrhoids were treated with The HET Bipolar forceps (HET Solutions, Northvale, NJ, U.S.A.), a new device for tissue control and also coagulation. The study was carried out with the approval of the institutional review committee. All individuals (100%) had rectal bleeding as well as 16 patients (72.7%) had spontaneously reducible prolapse. The HET Bipolar gadget was attached to the Hyfrecator 2000 (Conmed, U.S.A.) as a power source as well as to the temperature screen. The HET Bipolar device, which looks like a tiny anoscope, was inserted in the anal canal. The tissue fold above the dentate line, just proximal to and/or consisting of the portion of the interior pile was ligated and also treated with bipolar radio-frequency (RF) power at 10 Watts until the treated tissue temperature reached 55-60C. All 3 hemorrhoid bundles were treated in one procedure. The individuals after that were prospectively examined. All patients (100%) were followed at 4 weeks after the treatment. Sixteen patients (73%) were available at an ordinary 13.1 months follow-up.

Results. The treatment was straightforward, as well as the device was easy to use. Time of RF power applications ranged from 7 to 26 sec. At 4 weeks follow-up, the rectal blood loss and prolapse, which were the indicators for the treatment, diminished in 86.7% as well as 67.8% of patients, respectively. At an average 13.1 months follow-up, the anal blood loss dealt with in 95.5%. No patients reported prolapse at an average 13.1 months follow-up (100%). Two people (9%) reported some worsening of their pre-procedural rectal discomfort. However, all people reported renovation or resolution of their pre-procedural symptoms at a typical follow-up of 13.1 months.

Conclusions. The freshly developed HET Bipolar gadget was located to be safe, easy to use, well-tolerated by the patients, and led to either complete or near complete resolution of the signs in patients with Grade I and also II hemorrhoids. Although the results of this research are encouraging, the extra studies are needed to additional assess the HET Bipolar technology in the treatment of symptomatic hemorrhoidal ano-rectal illness.
This may assist deal with Hemorrhoids (αιμορροΐδες) extra successfully in the future.