Application of the latest technology in classic operations of earning spirits

The needs about the distillation technologies for that marketplace of substantial confirmation alcohols and delicious mood like Whisky, Rum or other people differs a lot from certain requirements for the natural liquor manufacturing. It is very important to producers of Brandy and Whiskey to preserve the typical smell and flavor of the distillate. The standard flavor is stimulated by a few factors through the alcoholic drinks production: the natural substance combination, from the fermentation procedure and through the distillation process, never to forget about the year’s lengthy storing in wood made barrels.

Higher-evidence alcoholic beverages

Implementation of new technological innovation in classic functions of producing spirits

The installation of technologies indicates that the product good quality continues to be a similar in almost any circumstances / all scenarios. The replacement or even the extension of your capability of pre-existing conventional scrub stills typically result in new designs beneath an financial factor. Business economics are usually feasible – in addition to energetically search engine optimization – in the decreasing of your merchandise loss.

GEA design and style and deliver complete outlines for the creation of these liquor plants and flowers.

With our personal references in the consuming and power alcoholic drinks market place we can display fantastic expertise utilizing raw components from various starting point. As high capacities are pertinent the significance of energy saving procedures is emphasized. Our heat built-in operations make use of advanced methods such as technical vapour recompression, multiple phase distillation and water loss, temperature enhanced mashing methods and the like.

All used methods value the chance of express-of-the-craft systems with out overstressing, as a secure running process is among one of our principal focusses.

We dominate the obligation for that method volume- as well as harmony from your milling towards the last items, e.g. alcoholic beverages according to requirements or DDGS (Dried up Distillers Grain with soluble) as wildlife foods.

The invested residues that final result as by-items from fermentation operations from alcoholic drinks manufacturing are usually called spent wash, vinasse or stillage. During the fermentation of grain mash and up coming distillation, about 100 l of stillage are designed every 100 l of mash. These slender liquor stillages contain all the nutrients of your natural supplies with the exception of their fermented starch and sugars: i.e. they include healthy proteins, body fat, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals and so forth. in increased concentrations than have been contained in the very first raw material. These liquors can as a result be highly processed into added-value dog rss feeds by attention and, if required, drying out and crystallization and precipitation of specific seals (e.g. potassium, salt).

GEA design enables our clientele to reduce the Garden greenhouse Petrol Pollutants / Carbon dioxide footprint and also to create extra value added by-merchandise.

This modern technology can be utilized in making alcohol drinks like raki or metaxa or rakomelo